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The Forde story

Each internationally sourced gem and semi-precious stone has intrinsic meaning and is carefully selected for its quality, colour, clarity, luminosity, sparkle, and unique character. 

Through these powerful features, a stone’s distinctive personality forms, making every piece of Forde Jewellery unlike any other.
Forde Jewellery is for those who want quality designs that last forever – designs that are as delicate as they are powerful.

Susan Forde Jewellery - Forde story
Susan Forde Jewellery - Susan with orange ring


Welcome to Susan Forde's captivating world, where fashion and jewellery design intertwine to celebrate the transformative power of colour. Experience her mesmerising array of designs, where vibrant hues take centre stage.


Through her masterful artistry, Susan Forde explores the intricate interplay between colour and emotion, creating extraordinary ensembles that empower self-expression and celebrate individuality.


Discover the alchemy of jewellery design as Susan combines gemstones, precious metals, and unexpected colour combinations to craft exquisite pieces that transcend conventional norms.


Susan’s passion for colour extends beyond her designs; she shares her wisdom with the world through the resources on her website, and now for the first time, in person at her retail shop in The Welder, Christchurch.


Susan Forde's unparalleled mastery of colour inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and unlock the transformative power of colour in all aspects of life.


Join us in Susan's vibrant world, where her dedication to ethical fashion and timeless artistry shines bright. Let colour guide your journey of self-expression.


Ethical. Conscious.

Globally conscious, our gemstones and lab-made stones are all ethically sourced, creating less impact on the earth and supporting a sustainable economy.


Our stones are sourced from South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and pieces are manufactured in New Zealand and the UK.
We also donate one piece of jewellery per month to raise funds for charities. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or nominate your charity.

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