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the forde story

Each internationally sourced gem and semi-precious stone has intrinsic meaning and is carefully selected for its quality, colour, clarity, luminosity, sparkle, and unique character. 

Through these powerful features, a stone’s distinctive personality forms, making every piece of Forde Jewellery unlike any other.
Forde Jewellery is for those who want quality designs that last forever – designs that are as delicate as they are powerful.


Susan Forde, born in London and now living in New Zealand, is the heart and soul behind Forde Jewellery.
She imbues every piece she makes with the power to bring out your inner beauty. Susan believes in valuing oneself, through the energy in nature. The environment as her guide, her philosophy is if you are kind to others, goodness will come back to you.

In 2003, Susan brought together her passions for empowering women, handcrafting bespoke jewellery, and harnessing the power of colour and gemstones, and this was the founding of Forde Jewellery. 


Susan invests her energy into her jewellery, gifting her love and good intentions into the gem that is you.


ethical. conscious.

Globally conscious, our gemstones and lab-made stones are all ethically sourced, creating less impact on the earth and supporting a sustainable economy.


Our stones are sourced from South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and pieces are manufactured in New Zealand and the UK.
We also donate one piece of jewellery per month to raise funds for charities. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or nominate your charity.

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