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Susan Forde Jewellery - Giving back hero

Giving back

Our philosophy

Forde Jewellery was born out of a desire to help discover the essence that makes us who we are, and to celebrate it wholeheartedly.


Through creating pieces that have a unique significance and meaning to their owners, Susan Forde reminds us that we are all beautifully unique – that it is important to love and foster our individuality to be truly happy. In this way, each piece of Forde jewellery is designed to be an empowering symbol of how great you are and can be. 

We all meet challenges throughout our lifetimes, and it's what we do with the challenge and how we move forward that matters. Forde celebrates rising from our challenges and strives to empower each wearer of our jewellery to feel confident as they move through the highs and lows of life.


Forde Jewellery is rooted in kindness and stems from the earnest belief that success must be shared. Part of this is expressed through giving back via our involvement with charities. We have worked with various organisations over the years and continue to donate one piece a month to help raise funds for those who need it most. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or nominate your charity.

Susan Forde Jewellery - Thank you

Thankful hearts

Forde Jewellery wouldn't be where it is now without the many special creators, thinkers, and supporters who have backed me through this process. 

The Forde brand celebrates individuality but is rooted in collaboration and interconnection. We recognise and celebrate the passion and talent of every creative and individual who has been part of this journey. We would not have been able to bring this vision to life without the many people who have contributed to its success.

It is with a deeply thankful heart that I've been able to bring Forde to where it is today.

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