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Swiss blue topaz crystal silver ring

Luna Ring with Blue Topaz

The Luna ring part of our Celestial collection is a delicately scaled-down version of our popular Moon Ring design for an understated yet captivating allure. Now featuring a Swiss Blue Topaz at its heart crafted from the finest  sterling silver, this ring is a delicate homage to the moon's mystique, capturing its round shape in the design and central gemstone.


The star of the Luna Ring is a stunning Swiss Blue Topaz, a gemstone revered for its captivating sky-blue color that mirrors the clear, tranquil expanse of a moonlit night sky. Swiss Blue Topaz is also believed to enhance clarity of thoughts, aid in communication, and provide a calming effect. This makes the Luna Ring more than an ornament of beauty it's a symbol of tranquility and clear-mindedness.

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