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Energy & Empowerment

The Energy and Empowerment Jewellery Collection has been inspired by the opulence of royalty and infused with the sentiment that we all deserve to sparkle.

This collection features a range of stone cuts and styles, from the ever popular, romantic pear-shaped stones or round setting rings, with amethyst, topaz, pink diamond, peridot, ruby red, and more gemstones. Empower yourself by selecting your own choice of cut, stone type, colour, and setting – adorn yourself with a statement piece that is uniquely you.

This collection of rings allows you to choose gemstones to suit your personality, or even a situation. 


Earrings to match, and a pear-shaped diamond crystal pendant complete the range.


Jewellery for any occasion.

Energy collection | Rings, earrings and necklaces | Fine jewellery designer | Susan Forde | Christchurch, NZ | UK
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