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Black spinel gemstone choker

Unique Black Spinel Choker Necklace

This exquisite Black Spinel Choker Pendant, is a luxurious addition to your high-end jewelry collection. Crafted with precision and elegance, this choker pendant features stunning black spinel gemstones that exude sophistication and glamour.


The sleek design of the pendant is perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance and modern style. The black spinel gemstones are meticulously set to create a captivating contrast against any neckline, making it a versatile piece that can elevate any outfit.


Whether worn alone for a touch of understated luxury or layered with other necklaces for a more dramatic look, this Black Spinel Choker Pendant is sure to make a statement. Elevate your jewelry collection with this exquisite piece that embodies sophistication and refinement.


Available with a 18 karat gold findings please talk to us.


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